Warframe: How to Get All Wisp Prime Prime Relics (2024)

Wisp Prime is an eerily enchanting Warframe, added to the game in July 2023, a little while after the debut of The Duviri Paradox. It’s a very different type of Warframe, offering a gentler approach to battle that can turn lethal quickly.

Wisp Prime is deadly and can teleport or float around the battlefield with ease, making it difficult for enemies to pin it down. It’s a true asset to any player’s arsenal, but it can’t just be unlocked through gameplay. This guide explains how to get Wisp Prime in Waframe and offers insight as to if it’s something that’s worth a player’s time.

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How to Get Wisp Prime Relics in Warframe

To Get Wisp Prime in Warframe, players need to either purchase Prime Access in-game and claim Wisp Prime once it’s in rotation, buy it from other players, or earn Wisp Prime Relics. Prime Access is a rotating program that players need to pay for to access various items and reduced bundles of Platinum and all Prime gear. The Warframe and gear that’s in rotation changes regularly, but all players will Prime Access can grab the Warframes on offer when they’re made available.

If players don’t want to spend a lot of cash, they can check out the marketplace to see if anyone is selling Wisp Prime Relics. Players doing this should keep an eye on how much someone is asking for Wisp Prime Relics since they can be purchased directly through the in-game store. Paying more doesn’t make any sense.

Finally, players are able to earn Wisp Prime Relics in-game through Void Relics. The drop rate is extremely poor, so it’s often better for players to purchase Wisp Prime outright and avoid the grind to unlock it. However, it’s completely possible for players to unlock Wisp Prime by farming Void Relics and opening them to see what’s inside.

For anyone looking to try and farm Wisp Prime Relics, the best location to farm them will be Hepit in the Void for Lith Relics, Xini on Eris for Neo Relics, or Io on Jupiter for Meso Relics. These missions should increase your chances of potentially getting a Wisp Prime Relic to spawn while playing Warfarm, but it’s not guaranteed.

How to Buy Prime Access in Warframe

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To purchase Prime Access in Warframe and get Wisp Prime and many other Prime Warframes, players need to visit the official Warframe website. Once there, they can pay for the bundle they want, be it just the Warframe and accessories or everything on offer, as well as a huge chest of Platinum.

All Wisp Prime Relics in Warframe

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Below, we’ve outlined every Wisp Prime Relic and its rarity in Warframe. These are what players need to chase if they want to unlock the Warframe for their account.

  • Blueprint – Axi W3 (Rare)
  • Chassis – Lith W3 (Rare)
  • Systems – Neo D7 (Common)
  • Neuroptics – Meso K6 (Uncommon)

All Wisp Prime Abilities in Warframe

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Below is every ability players have access to with Wisp Prime. These really amp up the Warframe and make it a powerful addition to any arsenal.

AbilityWhat it Does
Sol GateThis ability opens up a portal to the sun and shines it on enemies to burn them into atoms. Players can consume additional energy to deal more damage, which is useful because enemies damaged by it become more vulnerable while Sol Gate is active.
ReservoirsWisp summons a reservoir filled with motes that attaches to it and aids all allies in battle. Players can choose the motes to decide whether they increase speed, and vitality, or cause damage to enemies.
Will-O-WispCreates a projection of Wisp that flies forward and distracts enemies. Players are able to push the projection further or travel directly to it, depending on what the situation requires.
Breach SurgeWisp creates dimensional breaches that cause enemies to drop surge sparks when damaged. Players can also use this to teleport to a target reservoir and double the range of the surge.

Is Wisp Prime Worth it in Warframe?

It’s impossible to tell a player if Wisp Prime is worth it for them. However, based on the weapons it uses, we believe it’s a great option for those who like to stick to mid-range battles and get up close and personal for finishers. It’s a delicate-looking Warframe that will impress anyone who sees it, but players need to match their play style to how it functions to make the most of it.

Wips Prime is definitely worth purchasing for all players that want to collect every Warframe and make the most of the premium offerings in the game. This is the best of the best when it’s in rotation, giving those with Prime Access a satisfying reward for their membership that the entire player base will be jealous of.

Wisp Prime plays very differently from other Warframes. It’s designed to flit across combat arenas, confusing enemies and creating space for devastating ranged attacks. It’s got a few tricks up its sleeve in the form of short-range blasts of energy and a colossal green burst that obliterates anything in its path.

Warframe: How to Get All Wisp Prime Prime Relics (4)

The weapons players will gain if they grab Wisp Prime are Fulmin Prime and Gunsen Prime, an Electric Rifle and Warfan, respectively. Fulmin Prime can swap between lightning beams and short-range bursts, making it a versatile option for any player. Gunsen Prime is beautiful yet sharp, cutting through foes like a knife through butter.

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Warframe: How to Get All Wisp Prime Prime Relics (2024)
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