Tucson Speaks Out: July 7 letters of the day (2024)

The criminal mind

Someone with a criminal mind has a sense of entitlement and narcissism together with a disregard for laws, and a greed for money or power that cannot be satisfied.

Perhaps it’s established early in life. It’s not the starving man stealing bread or the desperate man seeking refuge. Trump has a criminal mind — it’s evident in pardons he granted, the company he keeps, his inability to see himself culpable for anything, his chronic lying. He cheats, he steals, he breaks laws, he denigrates people who call him to task. His behavior and inability to tell truth from fiction (i.e., delusional thinking) has only gotten worse with time. Now, he believes the Supreme Court has given him the green light to do whatever he pleases if it’s “official.”

He has already poisoned society with his words and behavior. Our votes are the last protection from him.

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Norman Epstein, MD


Impeach and replace

With its July 1 decision, the Supreme Court has put the Rule of Law and our Democracy in jeopardy.

It is vital, therefore, that the Democrats regain control of the Congress, hold and increase its majority in the Senate and win the Presidency. Then, in 2025, they can impeach the three Trump-appointed Justices for their lies at their confirmation hearings.

Then, the Democratic President can appoint three who will reverse the presidential immunity ruling and restore Roe v Wade that the majority of Americans want.

Dave Glicksman

Northwest side

To save our country

To save our country, President Biden must have Donald J. Trump arrested and incarcerated immediately! Today!

After discussing this with his DOJ, VP and cabinet, Biden must also suspend the November election, arrest the six MAGA Supreme Court justices, and imprison any political leader, at the state or national level, who still contends Biden is not our legal president.

Why not!? The Supreme Court has just made all of this unimaginable behavior entirely legal. These are now “official acts” for any president, Democrat or Republican, insane or spiteful, entirely a-OK.

For better or worse, President Biden would never behave so recklessly or lawlessly. We all know that. So, as terrible as your choices might be this fall, why not vote for the guy who at least knows right from wrong?

Leslie Kanberg


Tucson Speaks Out: July 7 letters of the day (1)

Historic American dates

We celebrated our Independence Day July 4, just after a more historic date — July 1, 2024, the date we no longer were a democracy.

In a true democracy, like Costa Rica, no one is above the law. America is now more like Russia. I wonder if July 1 will get a name and holiday?

Thad Appelman

Northwest side

President is immune

I am outraged that the SCOTUS has ruled that the president is immune from criminal prosecution under ANY circ*mstances.

Why is the president immune when he’s acting in his official capacity as president? If anyone commits a crime, they should be prosecuted, period. With this protection, who knows what Trump will do if elected … and he’ll get away with it.

Scary! Disgraceful!

Loring Green


Supreme Court strikes outRemember when Republicans decried the judicial activism of the Supreme Court? When Chief Justice Roberts declared that his job was simply to “call balls and strikes,” not make political decisions? How things have changed!

In Roberts’ decision in the immunity case, he stated: “True, there is no ‘Presidential immunity clause’ in the Constitution.” And, “But Congress may not criminalize the President’s conduct in carrying out the responsibilities of the Executive Branch under the Constitution.”

I have carefully read and reread Article II of the Constitution defining presidential selection process. The President is not mentioned... So, his efforts to subvert and then overturn that selection process is clearly not an official presidential duty that would provide him immunity.

Despite the court’s activism in defining the doctrine of “Presidential Immunity,” Trump is criminally responsible for his actions. Roberts clearly called a strike a ball, giving his favorite candidate a free pass to get on base.

Bruce Hilpert

North side

Separation of church and state

Re: the July 2 letter “Finally.”

In his letter defending Louisiana’s law requiring the Ten Commandments be posted in every classroom, the letter writer notes that the words “Separation of church and state” do not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

Christian nationalists have long claimed that, because those are not the actual words of the 1st Amendment, that the Constitution bans the government from endorsing or favoring a religious view is fiction.

Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to the Danbury CT Baptists, used a similar phrase to explain the meaning of what has come to be known as the Establishment Clause (Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion).

In Emerson v. Board of Education (1947), the Supreme Court quoted Jefferson’s words, thus giving them the force of law.

Roger Voelker

Southeast side

Scott has followed through

Re: the July 3 letter “Re-elect Supervisor Scott.”

Rex Scott has followed through with the promises he made during his 2020 campaign for County Supervisor. He has strived to serve all of the constituency in his district, regardless of political affiliation. He has been consistently transparent with his actions, always stating why he has voted the way he did on particular issues. He frequently is in contact with his constituency via emails, giving them the information needed on issues and happenings not only in his district, but throughout Pima County.

He has brought the leadership experience of his several decades in public education to his position as county supervisor. As a former colleague of his in public education, none of this surprises me.

Rex is earnest and dedicated to the citizens of his district and all of Pima County. We are fortunate to have a person of Rex Scott’s character in office and I urge the voters to re-elect him.

Gary Minor

Oro Valley

Kelly is the man for the hour

The Democrats clearly need a new face at the top of the ticket, and I would like to propose our very own Mark Kelly.

In addition to being a purple-state winner and a good, solid president for troubled times, I think he would be exceedingly difficult for Trump to run against.

Will Nelson



Regarding the Supreme Court decision about Trump’s actions: Seems to me that whether it’s the President or not, attempting to overthrow the government of the United States by throwing out an election is not a forgivable action.

We used to call that treason.

Cynthia Schiesel

East side

County Attorney

While the choice of the Pima County Attorney is a decision where everyone wants something specific, Mike Jette has declared himself to be a liberal Democratic candidate with his first statement being the standard declaration that he supports abortion.

While liberals try to soften the concept of abortion by claiming “choice,” the question of which “choice” has always been confusing.

The liberal concept of choice is whether or not to end the life of a fetus, whereas the conservative concept of choice is whether or not to have unprotected sex. Anyone that supports abortion fails to grasp the impact if their mother’s choice had been abortion instead of birth. But a Democrat attorney means that the streets will be unsafe for the average citizen.

Based on the recent news stories from the last four years, the biggest concern for every citizen is the Democrat prosecutor pushing for the criminal instead of the victim, the only person to make the decision of prosecution is the victim.

Loran Hanco*ck

Northwest side

The Democrats’ fantasy

Re: the July 4 article “Grijalva calls on Biden to drop out.”

Republicans have nursed the fantasy that Trump won in 2020. Now, the Democrats, in light of Biden’s abject debate performance, are developing their own fantasy that someone, somehow, somewhere can replace him as the candidate.

Get over it. The election is five months away. No one can mount a presidential campaign on such short notice.

More importantly, unless Michelle Obama throws down, there’s no Democrat other than hopefully Biden who can beat Trump.

Yes, the debate was a nightmare, but the more hand-wringing the party leaders do, the longer the issue stays alive.

Biden can still win, but he needs the support of his party and its leaders. Save your concerns for staring at the ceiling at night. It may help take your mind off the horror show that Trump will bring to this country if he wins.

Larry Fleischman

Northeast side

County Attorney

I am a Democrat and can’t remember when I voted for a Republican.

We need a county attorney that punishes criminals and holds them accountable. I live near 12th and Drexel and there was a murder a few weeks ago. The suspect, Daniel Gonzales, had been arrested in April on drugs and weapons charges. The charges were dropped after a few weeks.

This could have been prevented. In this area, the dollar store I shop at is constantly being shoplifted, and the employees are powerless because of the dwindling police force. And if they are arrested, they are treated as victims.

Please vote for Jette. Conover is a defense attorney who will always see the suspect as a victim.

Lupe Robles

South Tucson

Common sense

In an endeavor so bereft of it, the proposed open/non-partisan/ranked voter primary system is a breath of fresh air. It has the ability on a small scale to eliminate the current “all for the party; nuts to the people” attitude that prevails in politics today.

It would allow the people to vote, in order from most to least qualified, for whom they consider to be the most qualified person. Isn’t that what voting should provide?

Isn’t that common sense, which in my observation isn’t that common any longer? (A lot like common decency in many quarters!)

Next let’s go after the electoral college and make everyone’s vote count.

Jim Rapp

Southeast side

Presidential immunity

Since the Supreme Court has ruled that Trump has partial immunity for acts that are considered “official,” he is trying to have his hush money trial conviction overturned.

Does he really think that paying off a p*rn star is actually an official act?

Jeannette Jackman

Southeast side

Thank you, Biden! Now, POTUS Harris!

More than 50 years ago, we ratified the 25th Amendment, addressing mid-term upsets in the Executive office. President Biden has served this country with honor, wisdom, and selflessness for decades, and we thank him for being the strong Democratic candidate who stopped Trump from becoming a theocrat in a second term. The Biden/Harris presidency has been outstanding for our democratic country.

Now, President Biden has the 25th Amendment option to vacate now, and then, let President Harris start her nomination process for a new Vice President. A contentious Democratic convention is not a desirable choice. A seamless transfer of the Presidency puts our country first before party or personality.

The country deserves to know ASAP who the candidates will be for the Executive office in the November election.

President Biden can act now to tell America that President Harris is on the job and will continue his agenda. She won’t miss a beat and will protect our democracy from the chaos of a second Trump term.

Revone Bauwens

Southwest side

Joe Biden

When you tell your elderly parent that it’s not safe for them to drive anymore, are you abandoning them?

No. You do it out of love and respect for them and also love and respect for the other people on the roads and sidewalks. It can be difficult and gut wrenching, but you do it because it’s the right thing to do.

OK, Democratic Party, the time has come to do the hard thing and the right thing. And, yes, I’ve been there in real life.

Cheryl Lockhart


Blowing ourselves up

As a Westsider, I live in the shadow of A Mountain. Every year I can almost reach out and touch the 4th’s fireworks. While this year’s finale was spectacular, I found the show profoundly disturbing.

No longer could I see just loud booms and colorful displays in the sky. The explosions brought forth images of cluster bombs, incoming missiles, and drones destroying lives and buildings. I found myself grieving for Gaza and Ukraine.

My thoughts drifted to the civil wars in Rwanda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I don’t understand why some Americans seek to destabilize society to bring crippling civil war and destruction to our streets to achieve political dominance.

May God save us from ourselves.

Richard Fridena

West side

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