These Are The Best NBA 2K24 Best Point Guard Builds (2024)

NBA 2K24's MyPLAYER feature once again allows you to create your own player to ball out with in MyCAREER. Want to channel your inner Stephen Curry and be the best three-point shooter in the league? Or would you rather be an all-around player with versatility like Luka Doncic? We'll teach you how in this NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER Build Guide.

Getting Started

First things first, before you start building your MyPLAYER, the game asks if you want to build one from scratch, or choose from a wide variety of real player templates. So if you already know a player you want to craft your game after, you can simply choose them and most of the work is done. But if you want to build a custom player, keep on reading.

Don't worry too much about handedness, and just continue onto the custom build. The next page is where most of the magic happens. Another important factor is your player's height and weight. Depending on these numbers, you receive additional boosts (and nerfs) to some of your skills as a player. Additionally, the badges made available to you are also limited by your dimensions. Before you start your MyCAREER, you need to think about which position you're playing, and what kind of player you want to be.

In general, we feel the best skills a Point Guard should have includes:

  • Ball Handling
  • All Five physical traits (Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical, and Stamina)
    • Some guides suggest that strength isn't important, but we disagree. It helps you on both offense and defense, whether your handling the ball, or resisting as a defender.
  • Mid-Range Shot
  • Driving Layup
  • Pass Accuracy
  • Free Throw
  • *3-Point Shooting (Only if this is what you really want to specialize in, but still good to upgrade in general)

Now that we know the basics, let's get into custom builds.

Our NBA 2K24 3PT Point Guard Build

Building a good Point Guard with solid 3PT shooting skills is relatively easy. Don't worry too much about following this same exact build. Feel free to play around and look at which builds gives you what you're looking for. Typically, short and lightweight players with a lower wingspan tend to be better 3PT shooters. However, you also lose tons of points in other areas if you focus solely on one stat.

In our experience, we like a 6'4″ PG with 202 lbs and a wingspan of 6'6″. He still manages to have a max 90 acceleration with 93 speed. Most importantly, you keep a 99 stamina rating that keeps you on the court longer, with a decent strength rating of 70.

What I like about this build is that you can have a maximum 3-point shot rating of 97. Additionally, your mid-range shot, ball handling, driving layup, and pass accuracy will all be 96 or higher. Furthermore, you get access a ton of S-Tier badges, which are the best in the game. You lose some points in Perimeter defense, and steals (3 apiece), but it's well worth it as most offensive abilities can reach a 99.

Overall, this player earns more points in max potential (26+) than he does lose points (-10).

From here, we go to the Potential Overall page, where you can spend points on skills you want your player to initially start with. Again, we recommend allocating points to the five physical traits, ball handling, and then other offensive skills you deem useful.

Skills we don't recommend upgrading just yet include:

  • Offensive Rebound – chances are you won't be able to reach the basket in the time after you make the shot.
  • Blocks – Not saying they aren't important, but you can focus on this rating later
  • Interior Defense – As a Point Guard, you typically start outside of the Paint
  • Dunk (Standing or Driving) – You only need to focus on maybe one type of dunk at first. But to be honest, you don't need to dunk to be an absolute playmaker. Focus on other skills like your ball handling, pass and shooting accuracy.

Our NBA 2K24 Standard Point Guard Build

For a more standard Point Guard Build, we used the following dimensions:

  • Height – 6'2″
  • Weight – 190 lbs
  • Wingspan – 6'4″

This speedy build takes points away from several areas, including your dunks, defensive skills, and strength. In return, your shooting layup, ball handling, speed with the ball, and overall speed and acceleration improve. So if you're looking to be a quick and flashy player, this may work for you. Like before, allocate your points to areas that improve your position or area of expertise. If you don't like to dunk, then don't worry about upgrading it.

And of course, make sure to increase your stamina, as well as your other physical traits.

Now, don't expect your MyPLAYER to be a beast right away. All players in NBA 2K24 start with a 60 OVR, so you're going to stink for some time. Thankfully, winning games and playing at a harder difficulty gives you more VC. Additionally, feel free to set your game times longer to give you more VC earning opportunities.

And that's everything we know about building a good PG in NBA 2K24's MyPLAYER Builder. We hope this guide helps you as you start your MyCAREER experience and become the best player the league has to offer.

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These Are The Best NBA 2K24 Best Point Guard Builds (2024)


What is the best guard build in 2K24? ›

This Pro Am Point Guard build is the meta for the 5 out playstyle as popularized by Joe Knows. The PG best build features a 94 driving dunk for the sweet spot of the best contact dunks. The 92 3pt rating allows you to shoot from deep with Silver Limitless Range which makes you a threat from all 3 levels.

What is the best height for a point guard in 2K24? ›

6'6 Meta PG Height

View our Recommended Point Guards and you will notice that they are all 6'6.

What is the best position to make in NBA 2K24? ›

Point Guards are best at this, and you really won't be able to go wrong. They will have good maneuverability on the court, good shooting and even good defense, provided you build for that. That's it for the best position to choose as a new player in NBA 2K24.

What team needs a PG in 2K24? ›

Minnesota Timberwolves

Similar to Toronto, Minnesota needs a point guard. But unlike the Raptors, this squad has a pretty strong identity. Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, one of the best shooting guards in the game, are scoring machines and Rudy Gobert is a defensive master in the paint.

What does rebirth do in 2K24? ›

Rebirth lets your potential attributes get to 90 Overall on all new builds. Also, every badge starts at a Silver level and you get a 5% level progression boost to badges. You also get 3,000 VC for completing the quest. This is a great feature to unlock if you ever decide to make another build.

Who is the best team in NBA 2K24? ›

The addition of Beal pushes this Western Conference contender to a perfect offensive rating, but the team defense (89) remains a question mark.
  • 7 Memphis Grizzlies - 96. ...
  • 6 Philadelphia 76ers - 96. ...
  • 5 Miami Heat - 96. ...
  • 4 Los Angeles Clippers - 97. ...
  • 3 Golden State Warriors - 97. ...
  • 2 Boston Celtics - 98. ...
  • 1 Milwaukee Bucks - 99.
Sep 26, 2023

What is the max potential in 2K24? ›

Your player's potential overall will be at 99, but the game will ultimately show you a lower potential rating. Throughout your career, you'll need to level up your player and earn MyPoints to increase your overall rating.

What is the best point guard build in 2k23? ›

Best PG Builds in NBA 2k23
  • 6'8. PG - Defensive Minded.
  • 6'8. PG - Offensive Threat.
  • 6'1. PG - Base Meta.
  • 6'9. PG/SG - Well Rounded.

Which team needs a point guard? ›

The Rockets need a starting point guard pretty bad, just not sold on Kevin Porter Jr as a permanent starter in Houston. Hopefully they pick up Scoot Henderson in the 2023 NBA Draft. The Magic and Spurs are also starved in the backcourt; the Wizards could also use a starting point-guard in Washington as well.

Is rise or elite better in 2K24? ›

While your decision will depend on your playstyle and how your character is built, overall the Elite Affiliation is the better choice. Those boosts to Defense and Shooting are too good to turn down as they're key stats that can really change things up in a match.

Who is the best guard in 2K23? ›

The position is only getting better each year and NBA 2K23 tries to do a good job of reflecting that growth.
  1. 1 Stephen Curry (96)
  2. 2 Luka Doncic (96) ...
  3. 3 Ja Morant (94) ...
  4. 4 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (91) ...
  5. 5 Damian Lillard (91) ...
  6. 6 Kyrie Irving (89) ...
  7. 7 Trae Young (89) ...
  8. 8 LaMelo Ball (87) ...

What takeover is best in 2K24? ›

The best NBA 2K24 takeover perk, however, comes from the Shooting takeover. This takeover comes from scoring and getting assists, naturally, since it is an offensive perk.

What are the best shooting badges in 2K24? ›

Shooting is crucial in NBA 2K24, and having badges like Green Machine, Comeback Kid, and Middy Magician can greatly improve your shooting abilities. Green Machine increases bonuses for consecutive excellent releases, leading to more made shots and better scoring opportunities.

How to earn VC fast 2K24? ›

Playing and completing NBA games in the MyCareer mode is always one of the most solid and reliable ways to earn yourself some nice VC. You should check what difficulty you've got the game set to, as it does have a direct impact on how much you earn per game.

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