Ross Lee Vista Orlando (2024)

1. Ross Dress For Less

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  • Ross Dress for Less offers the best bargains on the latest trends in clothing, shoes, home decor and more! Find your store today!

2. Lee Vista Promenade | Orlando FL - Facebook

  • Lee Vista Promenade is a shopping center located in. Orange County at Semoran Blvd & Lee Vista Blvd. 󱙶. Follow. 󰟝. Posts.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. Ross Dress For Less in Lee Vista Promande - Orlando, Florida (hours ...

  • Ross Dress For Less in Lee Vista Promande, address and location: Orlando, Florida - 5800 Lee Vista Blvd, Orlando, Florida - FL 32822.

  • Ross Dress For Less store, location in Lee Vista Promande (Orlando, Florida) - directions with map, opening hours, reviews. Contact&Address: 5800 Lee Vista Blvd, Orlando, Florida - FL 32822, US

4. [PDF] Site Plan - Lee Vista Promenade

  • ROSS DRESS FOR LESS. 25,000. 115. HOMEGOODS. 22,343. 120. MICHAELS. 21,523. 125. PETCO ... Semoran Blvd & Lee Vista Blvd. LEE VISTA PROMENADE. TENANT INDEX. 3300 ...

5. Welcome To Orlando International Premium Outlets® - A Simon Property

6. Lee Vista Promenade | Facebook - Facebook

  • 9 feb 2024 · Embrace the magic of love and glamour this Valentine's Day! Grab this heart-shaped powder at Ross Dress for Less

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

7. Lee Vista Promenade | Retail Space for Lease in Orlando, Florida

  • Lee Vista Promenade is a 313,902-square-foot retail property located in Orange County at Semoran Boulevard and Lee Vista Boulevard in Orlando, Florida.

  • Lee Vista Promenade is a retail shopping center in Orlando, Florida. Learn more about available leasing opportunities at Lee Vista Promenade at

8. Ross Stores Inc. to Open a New Store in Orlando, Florida - MarketScreener

  • 4 mrt 2016 · The 25,000 square foot store is located in the Lee Vista Promenade at the southeast corner of Semoran Boulevard and Lee Vista Boulevard.

  • Ross Stores Inc. to open a new store in Southeast Orlando, Florida on March 5. The 25,000 square foot store is located in the Lee Vista Promenade at the southeast corner of Semoran Boulevard and Lee...

9. Search Jobs | Ross Stores

  • Ross Stores, 5130 Hacienda Dr, Dublin, CA. Administrative Assistant - VP (DC), Ross Stores, 23255 W Southern Avenue, Buckeye, AZ. Allocation Planner, Ross ...

  • Ross Stores is Hiring! Search available jobs or submit your resume now by visiting this link. Please share with anyone you feel would be a great fit.

10. Ross Dress for Less - International Drive Orlando Shopping

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  • Ross Dress for Less - International Drive Orlando Shopping. Off-priced retailer for a large amount of products including men's and women's clothing, footwear,...

11. The 11 Best Department Stores in Orlando

  • 27 jun 2024 · 8.0. 7143 Narcoossee Rd, (Lee Vista Blvd.), Orlando, FL. Department ... Ross Dress for Less is one of The 11 Best Department Stores in Orlando.

  • We did the research so that you don't have to. Macy's and Neiman Marcus are on the list. See what other places made the cut.

12. ROSS DRESS FOR LESS - 6677 Eagle Watch Dr, Orlando FL

  • Ross Dress for Less at 6677 Eagle Watch Dr, Orlando FL 32822 - hours, address, map, directions, phone number, customer ratings and reviews.

13. Welcome To The Florida Mall® - A Shopping Center In Orlando - Simon

  • Welcome to a shopping experience that truly embodies the spirit of.

  • A shopping center in Orlando, FL

14. Find Your Closest Locations - Jeremiah's Italian Ice

  • Lee Vista. 6017 S Goldenrod Rd Suite E. Location Details →. Jeremiah's Ice of Longwood. Longwood. 2491 W State Rd 434. Location ...

  • Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is an Italian Ice, Ice Cream, and dessert concept with multiple locations throughout the US. Visit us for a fun and upbeat atmostphere.

15. Quality Florida Cannabis Dispensary - Sanctuary Medicinals

  • Orlando - Lee Vista. Contact Us. Fill out my online form. Loyalty. Sign up for ... Cannabis Tissue Culture With Ross Clapper. Sanctuary Medicinals has ...

  • Explore Florida's top cannabis dispensary, Sanctuary Medicinals, offering premium products and expert guidance for your well-being. Call today to learn more.


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Ross Lee Vista Orlando (2024)


Is Ross owned by TJ Maxx? ›

What Are the Differences Between TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross? Ross Dress For Less varies from its main competitors in the discounted retail space, namely TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Compared to Ross, both TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent company, TJX Companies.

Why is Ross so cheap? ›

We work directly with manufacturers to negotiate the best deals! We believe in “no frills”—no window displays, mannequins, fancy fixtures or decorations in our stores so we can pass more savings on to our customers.

Does Ross really have a 49 cent sale? ›

A spokesperson for Ross' Customer Service department said in a statement to NBCLA, “As a discount retailer, our stores markdown merchandise on a weekly basis. Depending on how long the merchandise has been in the store, items will reduce to a value of . 49 (cents) or be completely out of the system.

Is Ross selling online? ›

Ross, which doesn't have a digital shop, relies on a flexible purchasing strategy to offer top brands at bargain prices, enticing shoppers to head to stores to find clothes they can't buy online. The average item is only $10, and 98% of the stuff in its store is under $30.

Where does Ross get its inventory? ›

Discount stores like Ross Dress for Less typically get their inventory from various sources such as overstock, closeouts, cancelled orders, and direct purchases from manufacturers.

What is the best day to shop at Ross? ›

“Ross, they usually get their big shipments on Monday night, so Tuesday at opening, you're usually good to go,” he says. “That'll be the most stock and inventory that they have in the store at one time throughout the entire week. Tuesday, at opening.”

Who is Ross biggest competitor? ›

Competitor comparison
  • Target Corp Headquarters. 415,000. $107.4B.
  • The TJX Companies Inc Headquarters. 349,000. $54.2B.
  • Dollar General Corp Headquarters. 185,800. $38.7B.
  • Macy's Inc Headquarters. 85,581. $23.9B.

How do Ross get their shoes? ›

The majority of the apparel, footwear, accessories and home-related merchandise sold in our stores is purchased from suppliers after they have been produced and imported to other retailers' specifications.

Are items in Ross original? ›

Are the items at Ross Dress For Less authentic? Yes, the items at Ross Dress For Less are authentic. They work directly with manufacturers and retailers to bring customers genuine products at discounted prices.

What day do Ross markdown items? ›

Here's how to save big at Ross! Just remember Monday evenings for the weekly clearance markdowns and end of January for the big $0.49 cent sale!

Is Ross Dress for Less a franchise? ›

All locations are owned and operated by the Company. Ross Stores does not offer franchise or distributorship opportunities.

Is Ross the same as Ross Dress for Less? ›

Ross Stores, Inc., operating under the brand name Ross Dress for Less, is an American chain of discount department stores headquartered in Dublin, California.

What does Ross do with unsold merchandise? ›

Retail stores don't throw away unsold merchandise except in the case of food that has gone bad or outdated medications, etc. Overstocks are bought by discount stores such as Ollie's and sold at discounted prices. Sometimes, they donate unsold merchandise to charity organizations.

What credit score do you need for a Ross credit card? ›

You need a credit score of 640 or higher to get a Comenity Bank credit card in most cases. That means you need at least fair credit to get approved. However, there are some Comenity credit cards that require a credit score of 700 or better (good credit).

Can I sell my clothes to Ross? ›

To get your products into Ross stores, you will need to apply to become a Ross vendor. You can do this by visiting Ross's website and completing an online vendor application.

Can I use my TJ Maxx card at Ross? ›

Maxx Credit Card online or at other stores? Your TJX Rewards Credit Card is a store card and can only be used at T.J. Maxx and partnered brands such as Marshalls and HomeGoods. If you qualify for the TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard, you can use it to make purchases online and anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Who is TJ Maxx sister company? ›

TJ Maxx and Marshalls operate as sister stores, and share a similar footprint throughout the country. While their prices are nearly identical and they have similar store layouts, TJ Maxx has a more upscale appearance than Marshalls and typically sells a larger range of fine jewelry and accessories.

Is TJ Maxx and Marshalls the same owner? ›

Marshalls was acquired by TJX in 1995, and together with TJ Maxx, forms Marmaxx, the largest off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the U.S. Marshalls has stores across the U.S., including Puerto Rico. Marshalls also operates an e-commerce site,, launched in 2019.

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